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The Flipped Classroom… March 29, 2012

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The Flipped Classroom Infographic website:

     Flipping is a brilliant approach. Hence, it is just that…an approach. It is the process of schools switching around traditional “lecture in school, homework at home” routine. Instead, students gain skills and learn their lessons via internet videos at home (or in school, if they don’t have internet access), and doing the homework or projects in the classroom. Therefore, teachers can give individual attention to those who haven’t grasped the concepts, while the others demonstrate their understanding by collaboratively working on related projects.

     Flipped is definitely effective, but should not be the only method used within a school. If the entire school is flipped, for every student, and on a nonstop basis, this totally negates all of the “various learning styles” talk that’s been going around. Each school’s goal should be to assure that EVERY student does well in English and math. In the case of Clintondale, the percentage of failures and discipline cases dropped drastically, thanks to being Flipped; but what about the last lingering percentages of students failing and displaying discipline problems? Do we just say, “Oh well, can’t help everybody”? Or do we investigate those cases and find out what their learning styles are and incorporate them? Khan Academy is mentioned because it’s a highly visited educational video website, but Khan himself says he intended for his videos to enhance lessons, not be the primary resource.


Again, this is a great innovation, but I would dread for schools to adopt it and not offer variation to students who’s learning styles prevents them from embracing the Flipped system.





Learning Styles



Additional resources:

Innovators, Bergmann and Sams, have completed a teacher-training book, and also hosts a “Flipped Classroom Conference”.

Flipped classrooms create Personal Learning Environments to enhance student learning.

In their words, Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams respond to their innovational Flipped model, that has gone viral.


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